Funny Gifts For Your Boss

Funny Gifts For Your Boss

September 06, 2022

Bosses are an essential part of any workplace, and it never hurts to get them a gift. However, finding something that fits their personal style and shows them how much you appreciate them as a manager can be challenging.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great options for funny boss gifts that will have your boss and coworkers cracking up! 

There are plenty of great options for anyone who knows their manager well enough to know which of these would be right up their alley.

A Mug That’s Just A Little Too Big

A coffee mug that reads "World’s Greatest Boss" is sure to be a hit, as it is both a complement to them while also being a practical tool for the office. 

If your boss is anything like Michael Scott from “The Office”, it’s sure to be a hit!  It’s an excellent option for the quirky boss who likes a little bit of humor and indulgence. It’s also an excellent option for any manager who appreciates a good pun.

This gift is suitable for anyone at any level of the corporate ladder. Whether your boss is a CEO or a manager at a small business, this mug is perfect for them. It’s a simple gift that will make them smile, and won’t cost you too much either. 

Customized Photo Socks

A photo printed on a pair of socks is a great gift for anyone. It’s a fun way to show your boss you appreciate them, and it will get a laugh out of your co-workers, too.

They’re also a super-easy gift to make yourself. You can print a photo from your computer or use an app like Shutterfly to create a custom design. For maximum impact, make sure the photo you choose for these socks is a great representation of your boss.

Don't Speak! Coffee Mug

If you’re unsure what kind of humor your boss prefers, a gift like this "Don’t Speak" coffee mug is a safe bet. It’s playful and silly, but not too over the top. It’s an excellent gift for a manager who gets annoyed when employees talk too much during meetings or when they’re trying to get work done.

This mug is an excellent gift for employees who are notorious for talking too much. If someone on your team is always talking and interrupting others, this mug is a funny way to get them to knock it off.

You can also give this mug to someone who is known for being super quiet at meetings. It’s a funny reminder not to interrupt others while they are speaking.

Who Runs The Office? Desk Plaque

This desk plaque is an excellent gift for anyone who is the boss of their department or their company. It’s a funny reminder that they are the ones in charge, and it is a gift they will enjoy having on their desk. It’s a simple gift that anyone would appreciate but a little silly and unexpected.

It’s an excellent gift for someone who likes a little bit of humor in their office but isn’t as silly as some of their co-workers. It’s a unique gift anyone would love to have on their desk. You can also use it as a gift idea for someone who doesn’t have an office job but works from home.

An Air Freshener For When The Meeting Room Smells Bad

It’s inevitable: meeting rooms get stinky. This gift is excellent for anyone spending time in the meeting room. It’s a simple gift, but it will help to keep the room from smelling foul when you can’t get the cleaning crew to drop by on short notice.

It’s a silly gift that makes a great gag gift, and it’s pretty easy to DIY if you prefer that.

A Framed Photo Of Your Boss In Their Youth

This is an excellent gift for anyone whose age you don’t know or have a good guess at, but you know they would appreciate it and find it funny. You can always try reaching out to their family or using their social media to find the best options. Old yearbook photos are always a classic choice! 

You can get a ready-made frame from most craft stores and print a photo you have saved on your computer or phone.

A T-shirt That’s Printed With Words They Constantly Say At Meetings

This is another excellent gift for someone who spends much time in the meeting room. It’s a funny gift that will get a laugh from your co-workers and your boss. It’s a gift that will get a few double takes when your boss wears it to a meeting since it’s printed across his chest.

This makes an excellent gift for someone who likes to spout off statistics or facts at meetings. It’s a funny reminder that you are paying attention and know what they are spouting off about. You can buy this t-shirt online or make it yourself if you have the ability.

Bottom line

Even though your boss might be higher up on the corporate ladder than you, they will still appreciate a thoughtful gift. These funny boss gifts are great for anyone at any level in the company. Whether you give your boss one of these silly gifts or something more serious, they will appreciate the thought and effort.